Frequently Asked Questions

What is That Methodology?

That Methodology is 2017’s most intelligently designed workout created by Christina Howells and Dan Roberts.  Built upon their distinctive training methods for women, Dan and Christina combine over 50 years of education and coaching to bring you six breakthrough and challenging workouts to master.  Named in honour of some of our most inspirational female ‘bad asses’ you will work through different areas of focus concentrating on strength, co-ordination, mobility, skill and your athletic capability making this an all-encompassing experience.

What are the benefits of doing this workout?

  • Learn how to train at home with correct form and technique
  • Become stronger and leaner without bulking up muscles
  • Increase your definition in the back of your arms, shoulders and entire leg muscle sculpture
  • Firmer and shapelier glutes
  • Flatter stomach and a toned waist
  • Stronger core and reduction of muscular imbalances
  • Improved posture and glute activation
  • Increased energy and body confidence
  • A six week plan that can be revisited time and time again

Will I need any equipment?

Gliders used within the workout intensify your workout making your core and stabiliser muscles work harder.  You can buy them from any well stocked fitness outlet or online shop such as Amazon. You can buy gliders for either hard or carpeted floors.

Two folded towels can also be used on wooden floors.

How do I use That Methodology?

When you purchase your pass you will be sent a unique link to our online platform that is yours forever!  Designed to be done in less than 40 minutes a day, the workout will be illustrated with easy to follow gifs and a written explanation. You will learn ‘The Why, The Position, The Movement and if needed modifications making the workout accessible to differing levels and abilities.

Within the workout you will have a wall chart explaining when you do each workout.  You will be training six days a with one rest day a week.  You can of course adapt this to suit your fitness levels.

How much does That Methodology cost? 

£80 one off payment through a secure site for complete access.

Do you include a detailed diet plan?

No, but you will have access to exclusive nutrition and lifestyle tips from qualified Nutritionist, Rob Hobson, co-author of The Detox Kitchen Bible.  Dan and Christina encourage eating a healthy balanced diet and no faddy diets.  The focus of That Methodology is to learn how to be energised, strong, capable and fit – and you need to eat well to achieve this.

I’m very overweight, is this the best workout for me?

Probably not. If you are a size 14 (UK) or above, then we would recommend other types of exercises. Jumping around and doing skill based moves is not optimal if you are very overweight as your joints may not like the extra stress. While fat loss is a standard side effect of That Methodology (becoming a dress size smaller is typical), for those of you that ONLY care about weight loss then this is not ideal for you.

How do I share my experience with That Methodology?

Dan and Christina would love to hear how you are getting on. Join our Facebook group, share your journey and connect with your workout buddies. Please also use #thatmethodology so you can follow others and they can see how you are getting on.

Don’t forget to check out our featured athletes @missemmaswalsh and @sophiegraceholmes

You can also follow Dan and Christina’s personal brands @methodology_x / @teamdanroberts and @thatgirllondon.

The #thatmethodology team look forward to meeting you!

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Copyright and Waiver of liability

That Methodology is owned and produced by That Girl™ (Christina Howells and Charli Cohen) and Methodology X™ (Dan Roberts Enterprises Ltd.) We assume no liability for persons injured following the use of this workout. Please always consult your doctor prior to any new physical activity. Not suitable for those who are pregnant, have heart condition or suffer from joint pain.